ROKIOTOEX RTB3964 Waterproof Canvas Cargo Storage Roof Bag with mat – On top of Car Bag – Waterproof Carrier Bag Has 20 Cubic Feet of Capacity – Fit for the Outdoor Elements (3964)

ROKIOTOEX RTB3964 Waterproof Canvas Cargo Storage Roof Bag with mat – On top of Car Bag – Waterproof Carrier Bag Has 20 Cubic Feet of Capacity – Fit for the Outdoor Elements (3964)


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About this item
  • Made of extremely durable tarpaulin (same material as big wall climbing bags) which is fully waterproof and ensures a lifetime of hard use!
  • Stronger Zipper Header/Puller
  • Extra large size 57-1/4″x37-3/4″x15-3/4″ ~20 Cubic feet of extra storage space!- Forget about squeezing all your things in the backseats and on kids laps in order to make some room for your child or friends. Stop
  • Easy to Install & Store Thanks to the foldable material, soft sides flex to fit odd-shaped loads,8 built-in tie straps, our car top carrier attaches in only a matter of minutes, also easy to fold the entire roof bag inside the duffle bag when not in use.
  • Reflective Logo to get safer night travel Perfect for Road Trip Take the cargo bag to the park, the beach, the sports field, or any place you need to be stored, Works on ALL vehicles with rack, suitable for cars, vans, SUVs etc, folds compact for easy storage, It only takes seconds to attach!

Ever consider driving to the Western coast like Vancouver or Eastern Coast like Nova Scotia for a vacation with the family or just going to visit your relatives? Maybe you are looking for an adventure and going camping instead. Where ever you are thinking of traveling the hardest part is packing the vehicle considering what you must bring with you: luggage, camping gear, bikes, family, dog… 

So you have a rooftop cargo rack or Basket and you love using it for the added cargo space, but when the weather turns or winter comes having your luggage or camping gear travel in the rain or snow is the last thing you need. 

Thankfully ROKIOTOEX’s Roof Top Carrier Bag can help solve the overwhelming issue by providing 20 more cubic feet of storage on the roof of your car or SUV. The cargo bag is waterproof and made of heavy-duty canvas that can withstand the outdoor elements while allowing you to keep the space in your vehicle for family members or even more legroom.

Pair this cargo box with ROKIOTOEX’s Rooftop Cargo Carrier/Basket(64″x39″) and you’ll have the capabilities of keeping your gear dry and out of the elements.

ADDED CARGO SPACE – Roof Carrier bag increases the cargo for roof of car

EASY USE – The Auto Top Cargo Carrier is strapped to roof bars with ratchet straps / lashing straps

PROTECTION – Heavy duty canvas material protects your cargo from the elements of traveling

ADDITIONAL SAFETY – Use a roof bag protective mat and ratchet straps to secure safely to your car

More than 16 CUFT OF CAPACITY – A robust amount of luggage can fit in the cargo bag to free up vehicle space

Combo with47″x39″ ANTI-Slippery Mat

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Pickup Trucks, SUV

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