Roof Racks Side Rails for Honda CR-V CRV LX EX EX-L 2017 to 2021
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  •  FIT PERFECT: Roof side Rails Fit perfectly 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 HONDA CRV. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for durability, strength, rigidity and light-weight and corrosive resistance.
  • Designed for OEM Fitment. Install On To Original Roof Rack Mounting Points, NO Need to Drill and to modify.(Installation Instruction Is Included, Professional Installation Is Highly Recommended)
  • GREAT CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum Alloy construction gives it a characteristic of strength, provides 60kg-70kg load capacity, greatly increases overall vehicle storage space and helps you carrying extra cargo, camping gear, bikes, kayaks, and boards on your naked vehicle roof easily.
  • ATTENTIVE DESIGN: Low profile and close fit to the roof which allow the vehicle to easily fit in the garage. Enhance the overall visual appeal, give your vehicle an aggressive look.
  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – At ROKIOTOEX, we stand by our running boards to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with support and stock in Canada, fast and safe delivery with 1 year warranty.

Roof Side Rails Luggage Rack Fit HONDA CRV 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021.

Constructed From Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy finish for long lasting durability, strength and rigidity while being light weight and corrosive resistant, and not easily deformed. These roof side rails are designed and built to OEM specs, no drilling is required for our easy installation. Install directly these side rails on to original roof rack mounting points with instructions.

A load-capacity of 60kg-70kg. Honda CRV roof side rails for additional storage capacity, enhancing the vehicle’s utility and cargo management versatility, help you carrying extra cargo, camping gear, bikes, kayaks, and boards on your naked vehicle roof easily. Low profile tracks add very little height to the vehicle which allows the vehicle to easily fit in the garage. Add Sport Styling and Appearance to Your Vehicle and make your car more fashionable and cool.

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What this fits

This model list only includes the confirmed models with default trim profiles from the factory, not include the customized trim with additional options. If the trim checking is not listed, please contact us to get further support. Some trim model might have a different profile than the listed here, Please confirm your vehicle has the factory roof rails or not if you are looking for a crossbar set only. The incompatibility problem without our confirmation is at the risk of buyer.

Make Model Year Trim
Make Model Year Trim
Honda CR-V 2017 EX
Honda CR-V 2017 EX-L
Honda CR-V 2017 LX
Honda CR-V 2018 EX
Honda CR-V 2018 EX-L
Honda CR-V 2018 LX
Honda CR-V 2019 EX
Honda CR-V 2019 EX-L
Honda CR-V 2019 LX
Honda CR-V 2020 EX
Honda CR-V 2020 EX-L
Honda CR-V 2020 LX
Honda CR-V 2021 EX
Honda CR-V 2021 EX-L
Honda CR-V 2021 LX